About AllThingsTech.co.uk

AllThingsTech has been setup to cater for the small company or individual that wants to have a web presence but without the high cost from a web publishing/ design house. We specialise in working with our clientele to help get their message across on the World Wide Web. We also understand that in today's market that funds aren't always readily available to pay out on luxuries such as advertising. So we try to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

So how does it work?

We provide a set of layouts and tailor your chosen layout to suit your company profile. We charge a small one off fee from £50, then followed by a small monthly fee over 24 months from £30 depending on your specific needs.

Bespoke websites we charge a slightly larger on off setup fee from £75, then followed by a small monthly fee from £30 per month over 24 months depending on your specific needs.

We will provide you with hosting, domain name of your choice (so long as it is available) tailoring your website to your specific needs and supplying you with e-mail addresses that match your domain ([email protected]). We will also if required give you your own control panel access should you require.

As well as building, hosting and maintaining your website, we can professionally edit images and take photographs, edit and design logo's, we can also edit music, sound effects and write music to fit your specific needs. (Depending on the additional services you may require the setup cost can vary to the above listed prices).

For more information please contact us.

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